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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 25, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> breaking tonight, we have two national polls just out making four released so far this week and, across the board, the trend suggests we're seeing a big change shaping up in the 2016 republican primary. two new polls out today on top of the two we already saw. first, trump keeps his lead, but he is down from late august. again x carson, bush, fiorina rising.
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>> the averages of all national polling since june 1st. you can see donald trump is experiencing his largest drop since he emerged as the front runner. the headlines are taking post. >> the pique in the polls might be mind us. so some of those headlines earned a rebuke from donald trump today. >> you tell me, mark, whether this is a real stall for donald trump or what we're seeing.
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now, he's dropped, but he's still got about 28, 25% of the elector rat. so he's stalled. if he's going to go beyond that, he's got to start showing some substance. they want to see some substance from the president. >> on the other hand, howie, we've seen a lot of headlines that this is the end for trump, or the beginning of the end for trump. in fact, when anybody predigts that, his numbers go back up. yeah, he's leved off a bit after
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the cnn debate and carson and fiorina are rising. but the press is stampbing even after a short storyline. >> we've seen however, mark is four polls now in which he's either dropped or the best one for him is a fox news poll where he went up one point. at best, he's doing this right now in the polls. i whereabout to ask you this, his numbers who showed that they would definitely not vote for him are actually higher than the numbers of people who would vote for him. when the number of republicans who would definitely not support you is greater than the number who support you, where does that leave you? welcome to trump world. where does that leave you? >> it means he has a very high floor of loyal sub horders and a very low ceiling where there's going to be heartburn to go
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above. but then, the other thing that hurts him, quite frankly, is his debate. he looks very bad because he didn't have any substance. there's only so much time where you can say my strategy is smarter than everybody else. i can't tell you my foreign policy plans because i don't want to tip off the enemy. so until he starts getting some sub stansz, he's going to start hurting himself. they wanted to protect the gop front runner. now they're protecting donald trump. >> howie, the polls all make clear that the republicans believe fiorina won that debate.
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however, and she got a boost in these polls. however, she's way bhiepd him. >> that's what we shouldn't lose sight of. i don't think it's coincidence. not just boycotting fox news again. just this morning, the cnn correspondence is horrible at discussing because reported to a bunch of secs. and his supporters loved when he whacked the media establishmented. and the more they're attacking, the more they're visiting old
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credentials. >> do you believe that's still true? >> and i believe in one other thing. the media are paying attention for another set of numbers. he's still getting all of this air time that none of the other kand candidates can. it shows he has a big advantage built in. >> the polls also show that the american people are angry. and that by 72%, they don't believe united states is as great as it once was. >> they feel betrayed by the republican party. they feel they haven't done enough to stop obama's agenda. of course. that's why you see carson,
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fiorina and trump doing well. she is shown going with him on the debate stage. she can hit him pretty hard. i wish we had more debates. >> good to see you both. just a couple more before then. >> well, as marco rubio gains attention, he has not stopped. and, wow, did senator rubio take it to a new place this evening. that's next on what just happened between these two men. plus, the fact checkers have now weighed in on hillary clinton. we'll show you what they discover. and carly fiorina is challenging
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her critics with a new campaign ad so powerful and so disturbing that the media has all but completely ignored it. until tonight, the kelly file will go there with a viewer wash warning ahead. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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it started at the last debate when senator rubio accused lacking policy credentials. in just the last hour, we heard from senator rubio again. here's part of the latest
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exchange. >> marco rubio sits behind the desk sometimes and he reads stuff he's in committee. that's all he does. i create jobs all day long. i'll know more about all of this than all of them put together and, believe me, we'll have a winning strategy. if marco rubio is so good, how come we're doing so badly. he's like a kid. >> are you saying mr. trump doesn't have those real thought sns. >> if you watched the debate last week, i think that answered itself. when the debate turnsed to policy, he sits silent for 23 minutes. that's while he's reacting the way he is. he's very sensitive to criticism. but you can't have a conversation about policy because, quite frankly, he doesn't know anything about policy. >> joining us tonight, roger stone, a former political advisor. but we begin with fox news contributor and author of the
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best-selling book "things that matter" which is now out in paperback. charles, great to see you. i can feel the twitter feeds firing upright now. he says he's thin-skinned, had a bad policy, had a bad debate. ck from the other side. and, by the way, he has a terrible attendance record. your thoughts? >> well, first, what i show you at the out set, there will be no anatomical or surgical references in my analysis. i just want to e lay your fears from the very beginning because you never know when it can strike. trump has a lot of strong suits. foreign policy is not one of them. i think that his criticism is rather, well, unusual.
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you can actually learn something from reading. >> you know he has an answer for that, too. he says i'm going to appoint the next mcarthur. i don't need to know all of this, myself. do you know the difference between hamas and hesbollah. is that important? he says it doesn't matter to you yet, but will it? well, it will matter when it's appropriate. i'll know more about it than you know, believe me. >> look, first of all, the idea
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that appointing a mcarthur, what an idea. why didn't anybody else think about that. this is a remarkable innovation in foreign policy to appoint really smart people. that's what presidents have been trying to do for 200 years. listen, the other side, the iran dvl yans, syrians, the russians and the chinese will know. and when the president comes into office, he doesn't have a grace period, a honeymoon, that adversaries in the world are going to grab him. until he does the reading and the studying and the committee hearings, then mr. trump is refuelling rubio. >> what do you make of trump's liable of attack now that he's
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unreaching that rubio is just a kid. you hear that from people other than donald trurp. trump. that rubio projects -- not only is a young, but projects young. >> that is the same criticism of john kennedy. he was very young. obama was relatively young. we've had young presidents in our history. that doesn't tell you anything one way or the other. what you care about is the depth of experience and knowledge, irrespective of age. if you've been studying foreign policy, you've been thinking about it for a dozen years. >> do you think that this -- i mean, this latest, that trurp would use rubio as the top
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nonolder challenger? >> i happen to think it is probably correct. because i think rubio, on paper, has the best prerntsation to face. say a hillary clinton for the republican side. he is a very presentable candidate in that sense. namely, dr. carson who he called an okay doctor. i often wondered what exactly is the medical expertise that
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prepared trump. i'd like to hear that. >> that was his best line of the night. >> great to see you, always a pleasure. >> thank you. >>. >> that's overshrill wrong. trump, very clearly, has outlined a number of bold strokes. he knows, for example, that we need to rebuild our military. he needed a big fleet man. he's the builder. isis needs to be crushed. he's not going to get down in the weeds.
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>> he knows they're both evil. whakt the accusation, he's too thin skinned. >> he's very tough. there's no question about it. but i think it's time for a tough president. >> that's not what you were saying. you were saying he's thin skinned. just today, he went after the new york times, cnn. all of them are unfair, according to donald trurp. trump is very combative. he continues to be the front runner. and we have another debate.
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i have no doubt about aligning an economic policy and continuing to lay out additional views on foreign policy. i like marco rubio. i think he might be president some day. donald trump is running for chief executive. woe're talking about somebody to run the federal grovt. trump believes in choosing very good people. >> i want today ask you about fiorina, too. obviously, she's surging in the polls. do you see that lasting?
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>> no, i really don't. the fact that barbara boxer is using these very issues so easily in california is off the roof. plus the idea that she's an outsider. she was a chief cheer leader for john mccain. >> what do you think of trump flat lining in the polls. >> there has been some that were 10-on-1 in the last debate. here's the point people don't realize. he has december mated jeb bush. he was thought to be the guy who was going to take on trump. >> the republican voters said
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donald trump lost that debate. not jeb bush. >> he went down eight points. >> roger, great to see you. also, tonight, a school district refuses to close for the muslim holidays. wait until you hear the threat that followed. then, is the clinton campaign responsible for leaking this controversial picture of president obama in muslim dress. is hilly krin ton the original berther? >> in 2008, she was the original birther.
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there are new developments tonight. donald trump and ben carson taking heat over the last week on this topic. now, many are pointing to hillary clinton as being the original person to raise these issues. you may recall back in the 2008 campaign, it was early in the race that questions started bubbling up about the real birthplace of then-senator barack obama. there are new suggestions that it all started with hillary clinton. today, the associated press ran its fact check. it's not just donald trump, but
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both are coming out saying hillary is the original so called birther. >> there have been a lot of finger point iing. >> in 2008, she was the original birther. hillary is the birther. >> but, according to the clinton campaign the claim she started the birther movement is just not true. >> did you or your campaign start the whole birther thing? >> that is -- no. that is so ludicrous, don. you know, honestly. i just believe that, first of all, it's totally untrue.
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>> you don't believe that senator obama is a muslim? >> of course not. there is no basis for that. i take him on the basis of what he says. >> you said you take senator obama at his word. >> according to a facts check done by the associated press, there isn't any clear evidence that she starred the birther movement. it's also bad blood. >> so just to get it straight. dontd trump was asked by a pan in the audience.
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he just said he didn't believe that he supports having a muslim in the white house. now you heard donald trump come out saying hey, he was the o ridge nap birther. however, the 620 minutes interview sduz suggest that maybe -- i don't know. i have no evidence. hillary was out raged. from the beginning, that level of hatefulness in an audience
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that he was appearing before. there is nothing to base that on, as far as i know. >>. >> i think it's important to point out when you go back toe 2007, president obama actually called clinton's accusation one of the most e gree jous attacks. so some republicans, back in 2007, 08 of initiating.
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>> there was an article that came out about her campaign out there talking about how she needed to sort of capitalize in barack obama's otherness. that she needsed to get out there and talk about hue she was middle class values unlike this person who felt was an exploitation of that narrative. >> hillary clinton also makes new tonight when 14e sat down for an interview. and for what may be the first time, we want to tell you it is disturbing next.
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breaking tonight, evening prayers at st. patrick's cathedral. earlier in the day, the pontiff was before a joint meeting of congress that was carried across the country.
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>> this, to call out hillary clinton. that's the allegation by fiorina. and she points to undercover videos that have surfaced as evidence. fiorina's critics have pounced. saying the videos produced no such thing. again, we're going to show this one time. it is disturbing.
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we're not going to show it again. here it is. >> i mean, how are you going to run for president. >> anyone who has watched the video tape, i dare, to watch these tapes. a fully formed fetus on the table, its hearts beating, its legs kicking and someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.
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this is about the character of our nation. >> a democratic national committee member of new york and committee member. we're going to start tonight with dana. thank you for being here. it's so dark. we debated a fair amount internally. the pushback is that we don't know if those babies were abo aborted or the sublt of miscarriages. and it's a misrepresentation. >> it's not a misrepresentation, though, of what planned parenthood has actually been
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doing all of these years. and it's not representation of this other footage. that is an image that you can not get out of your mind. so this is just one illustration of what was going on there is much more in these tapes. >> no one showed it. it's not something you can pop on the air in the middle of the day.
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many believe that they need to do that if they want to be heard. sorry, did you get that? >> yeah, i didn't know if you were talking to me or no. megyn, i think that there are a lot of people that are having a clinic that offers, you know, maybe a fraction of what community health centers offer.
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i think they're reacting to these videos because they don't understand what's happening. you have to show people this is the horror that's taking place. this is really happening right there in the united states. >> dana, thank you. >> robert, i have to fix yours as well. >> what's interesting from a politics standpoint is fforina are taking a different tactic. and they're kind of turning it back in this way. do you think it's effective?
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>> this issue is so above politics. so deeply disturbing. it's also important to point out that the graphic images have no connection at all. she made up the video that she was describing. >> there's a woman who works in connection with this who talked about them actually doing this. that's where the discrepancy is. >> there needs to be an important policy debate.
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it's important to understand that planned parenthood federal funds don't, in any way, support abortion activity. that is against the law for any other activity. so i think it's important to have an hon else 23isz cushion. >> many people thought of if you
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say all, you should mean babies, too. >> it's fween her and her doctor. if it's aborks, it's pain vl and rare. that's the focus. >> rob erlt, alms great to see you. blapg blank . >> as hillary clinton takes fire, she gives a wuchb interview to the start of the lbo show, gerl.
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a school board meeting getting national attention this week over the issue of school holidays. the board d not happy. watch? . >> to end this at this point p where sfooif or ten thousand people who are going xiv to scramble ffr from the fa snnld he h. >> with 'goimpk the give him a tvm. >> p. >> so it wasn't a threat. they were pa nvmt.
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>> you d. keeps -- you always try to make this up in six days and say it foe 235, 000. >> so the emotions were running extremely high. this is basically because some people have decided this year which is i don't know eventually, but it's called the festival of sacrifice. they're doing that in new york city. bru and what they said is you could have religious. you pick that day. you're not going to be funnished. it's not going to be an abstinencement pick that day. >> and then you can take off and it's fine. >> they wanted the whole school to be shut down. >> why? they're not the majority. the last time we did the census was 2003. on top of that, there's a little bit of dirns.
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that's an area ripe with tension. >>. >> the problem is, if we give every single religion schools off, there'd never be school. we're going to get to the point where you have to have half a school year off or not acknowledge any holidays anymore. they say okay, then forget christmas. forget it. but the pope spoke so slow and
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so eloquently. i found myself my mind wandering a little bit. i find myself staring at the speaker because i know he was about to sneeze, he had allergies or was about to cry. >> i'd much rather see that moved to tears by genuine emotion than by ruth bader ginsburg asleep. again! that woman needs to take some no-doze before these's ven even. >> we don't want to get into
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oh, look. we have a bunch of... announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear,
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the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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do you remember yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. you know, i'm always a little
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bit puzzled when any woman, whatever age, but particularly a young woman says something like -- you've heard it -- something like, well, i believe in equal rights but i'm not a feminist. >> is it over? >> yes, it's over. this is her. this is her between the two ferns. barack obama did his interview. this is the female version of that where he sits down with lena dunham who doesn't really have a show but is funny at 29. she's an actress. she asks tough question like are you a feminist. feminists are people that want equality. she also does a very colorful joke about len inpy kraviny krah breaking open. >> she says i don't understand these people who say i believe in equal rights but i'm not a feminist. a feminist by definition is someone who believes in equal
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rights. the problem she doesn't understand is that that word feminist has been co-opted by gloria steinham. she had the shirt on. that's what it was. remember this? arms up. look? celebrating her abortion. a lot of people don't want to associate with that. >> i did look it up because you have me doing this thing called research. turns out that definition is right. hillary was right. it is just somebody wants equal rights, not more rights. >> that's her definition of feminism. that's not the definition for many people. mona lisa, who was she? >> her names was lisa gernardanin. she think they found her remains, just an ankle and a femur. someone left the door open an the crypt so humidity got
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on that last story, researchers think they now know who mo
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>> the president's security is in place. what will he say today. >> a ride turns deadly. two buses collide ripping the whole in one of them. what we have learned about what went wrong here and who was on board? >> kanye west makes his pit for 2016. the gop candidate he just called brilliant. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> ka start spreading the news. pope francis is in new york. not before making history in capitol hill. >> for the second day in a row thousands gathered to catch a glimpse of the pope as he game the first reigning pontiff to
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ever address a joint meeting of congress. >> here he is again pope francis in new york city down to st. patrick's cathedral for an evening prayer service. >> welcome to st. patrick's cathedral. >> a moment with a wheelchair bound teenager as well. he placed his hands on her face as he blessed her as the followers burst into applause. >> good morning to you. thank you so much for waking up this early with us. the pontiff has a big day, a huge one. in a few hours the pope heads out for his first full day in new york city, and it promises to be one for the record book. >> our chief religion correspondent is outside of the pope taefrps rare reresidents with details


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